Ioan Gamboa | Multiverse 2018
An artist with innate musical sensibility, Ioan Gamboa’s indisputable talent once again comes to the fore. With a rare and opulent physical offering of twin-CD and double vinyl on his own imprint Madberlin.
A full-length album of ambitious scope and depth, the techno masterpiece is represented by ten tracks of melodic and rhythmic brilliance. Shimmering arpeggios and motifs meander across «The Julia Set» opener in dance-floor dynamism, while «Amalthea» and the title track continue the melodic themes with their common tropes.
The darker more sinister sounding «Chasing the Sun» delights with twinkling keys, while the hypnotic groove of «Parallels» and the wonderful melodic techno brilliance of «Solar Wind» supply moments that Marc Romboy and Stephan Bodzin would be proud of. Full of rich and deep analogue sounds, «Hilbert Space», «White Hole» and «Yotta» thrill with their widespread landscapes while the elegant prosody between rhythm and melody provides a constant theme across the ninety-minute journey through Ioan Gamboa’s sonic soul.
A work of unique skill, craft and technique, Ioan Gamboa is extremely well represented across the «Multiverse”.
Along his musical journey, he has had the honor of performing along some of the big players on the scene such as Petar Dundov, Guy Gerber, Vince watson, Guy J, or Aril Brikha, to name a few
The live show done by Ioan Gamboa is all about breaking up his tracks to extract each one of its sounds to finally create a “live musical puzzle”.  His powerful live set, as well as his own productions, have led him to play in festivals  and crazy parties all over the world.
Melody, feeling and raw power are words always linked to this artist.
**Text by James Warren

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