Artur Reimer

Gabriel D'or & Bordoy

Artur Reimer, born in Detmold, is a talented producer and DJ who felt in love with Techno in the course of his move to Berlin in 2004.

In Berlin got the first contacts in the local scene while getting used to different music programs to produce his own music, therefore, it was just a matter of time that he was offered his first DJ Gig in a typical Berlin location called ZPYZ Club in 2008.

With his unique combination of progressive House and powerful Techno, he inspired the crowd very quickly and made a name for himself in Berlin, playing in 2010 in a lot of different Clubs in Berlin and Vienna, such as the famous Cookies Club in 2009, about:blank, Kato, Crackers and also some Open Airs. In Vienna he played at Sass Club, Flex and Pratersauna.

Through the increased attention as a DJ and the regular contact with different labels, his own productions became a point of interest, till the first release came out in 2010.

Together with the Greek producer George Delkos, with whom he already played at Cookies Club, he released the ‘3 Month Gone EP’ (Aurora Music, 2010) and the “On Time” EP (Mikrofreak Records), which was supported by many well-known DJs.

In 2011 the ‘Habermann EP’ (Black Swan Records), and ‘One Day EP’ on MadBerlin label, are the best examples of the sound and the style he wants to follow. Groovy bases and melodic atmospheres done with organic instruments played by other artists, are some of the ideas that make his productions something special and unique in the current Berlin scene.



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